About Us

The American Association of Water Distribution & Management (AAWD&M) is a sanctioned public charity by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with the express mission of providing educational support to public water systems throughout the United States. As an Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501c3 nonprofit corporation domiciled in the state of Wyoming, AAWD&M is exempt from federal income tax. Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170. AAWD&M works closely with Appalachian State University (App State) and the California Association of Mutual Water Companies (CalMutuals) in its educational pursuits for public water systems.

The cornerstone of AAWD&M’s educational mission is the Ronald W. Seymour Memorial Thought Leadership Lab. This lab comprises water executives from well-respected and industry leading public water systems. Its purpose is to advance industry knowledge and facilitate peer-to-peer networking via the establishment of study groups and the production of white papers, video presentations, and audio briefs. Emphasis centers on emerging topics of interest, salience, and prevalence. The lab is supported by App State, CalMutuals, and a select committee of technical subject matter experts representing legal, insurance, engineering, financial, operational, advocacy, and regulatory interests. For information on the lab, including participation, please contact Jennifer George at jgeorge@aawdm.org.

AAWD&M is similarly working on a risk management certification for water industry professionals and affiliated service providers. This certification will be administered through App State’s Department of Finance, Banking & Insurance at the Walker College of Business. It will include a compendium of fundamental water treatment and distribution practices as well as general management, insurance, and governance principles. Similar support from this department will extend to the Thought Leadership Lab and encompass academic research and quantitative analysis. For information on the certification curriculum, please contact Paul Fuller at pfuller@aawdm.org or Lorilee Medders at lmedders@aawdm.org.

Lorilee Medders, PhD

Joseph F. Freeman Distinguished Professor of Insurance

Walker College of Business / App State